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Marketing on Gaming - 6 Reasons You Should Start Now!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

It is estimated 43.7 million active gamers in Indonesia, spending a total of USD 879.7 million for an average annual spending of USD 20.13 per person. What are you gonna do about it?

Not so long ago, gamers around the world were seen as geeky, outcasts, lazy, do nothing folks who struggled to do something meaning full for their life. But now gamers has transformed to one of the coolest, high paid, athlete like, social media influencer with high social status community.

Tech Jury estimates that the gaming industry will be worth $180 billion in 2021. For years, the gaming industry has been a promise land for marketers but not many able to make it work for their brands. The big question for marketers is: how can you tap into that and maximize your own brand’s visibility in the uber-competitive gaming industry?

As you’ll soon see, the answer lies with gaming influencers. Influencer marketing has proven turns out to be the bet for all major brands from all industries are piggybacking on the reputation of social media celebrities on a variety of platforms to reach wider audiences. All it takes is the right partnership with a relevant player, and your product can go all the way.

One of the most successful case study is Red Bull. Red Bull teamed up with probably the most popular gaming influencer in the world, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, to release limited edition Red Bull Ninja cans. The create the perception campaign that Red Bull give him the energy to continue making a fortune playing video games. 

So, how can marketer crack it?

Lets look at 6 key reasons why you should do marketing in gaming industry. We can see parallels with the growth of digital marketing as a whole. Once you understand this correlation, it’s much easier to tap into the potential of the gaming industry.

Top 6 Reasons To Start Marketing In Gaming Industry

1. The Stats Speak For It Self

According to Nielsen, 64% of Americans aged 13+ play video games on a device and in Indonesia, based on gaming researcher Newzoo, in 2017 there were an estimated 43.7 million active gamers in Indonesia, spending a total of USD 879.7 million for an average annual spending of USD 20.13 per person.

Mobile Games by Indonesian publishers have an average of 111.06k downloads. Overall they get more downloads than the average of all mobile games which is 409.62k. 

87% of mobile games from Indonesian publishers have Google Ads AdMob integrated. In total 5,093 games. Google Ads AdMob is a mobile advertising platform that enables users to monetise their mobile applications via in-app advertising. AdMob is based on the Google Mobile Ads SDK and serves over 200 billion ad requests a month, with over 1 million advertisers and 1 million apps currently running on the AdMob mobile ad network.

2. Aligned with Indonesia as Mobile First Market

Mobile games contribute 51% of the entire global revenue from the gaming industry. (Go Globe). Mobile gaming industry revenue is higher than the GDP of Costa Rica. (MediaKix) There are more than 1,825 Indonesian publishers on Google Play out of all 169,950 game publishers.

One of the biggest Indonesian publishers are Tazkan Games, LOCOS, IDBS Studio, Maleo, Tebak Gambar, Minimo, Lion Studios, Riot Games Inc, Own Games, MeluApp . Overall 1% of all game publishers on Google Play are from Indonesia.This is a massive, readily-engaged market for companies to target.

3. Video Content is King

The rise of video marketing goes hand-in-hand with the growth of the gaming industry. Video content gets more engagement and influences more consumers. Studies from Smart Insights assert that video content will account for 78% of all the data traffic in the world in 2019.

As for the effect of video in the gaming industry, we need only look at YouTube, where six out of the top ten channels are related to gaming.

Gamers happily while away hours watching gaming videos, with 48% of gamers on YouTube admitting they actually spend more time watching others play.

But they aren’t just watching anybody - they want to watch gaming influencers in action. Gamers can follow top influencers to learn tips, discover new games, and fall deeper in love with their greatest obsession.

By pairing up with a gaming influencer that is relevant to your brand and products, you can quickly build brand awareness and boost leads.

4. Cloud Computing Game Partnership

Cloud gaming has steadily become a juggernaut, with the global sensation Fortnite being instrumental in the explosion of the online gaming industry. The cross-platform battle royale game is the product of Chinese company, Tencent, and it rapidly captured the imagination of the world in 2018, as well as most of the market with a whopping $3 billion digital revenue.

For a gaming influencer, streaming live content is an important part of the job. As such, the continuing growth of cloud services will pave the way for many lucrative partnerships and promotions in the years ahead.

5. Fun

Lets kick this list off with the obvious. Games bring fun and enjoyment to users, plain and simple. Whether it be to pass the time or as a form of escapism, Games are a form of entertainment that speak to the very fabric of humanity.

We as social creatures are deeply driven to adventure, achievement and triumph. All of which can be reached within the safety and accessibility of a game. in short, Games allow people to have fun, and fun is marketable.

6. Positive Association

The qualities of Fun and Engaging associated with games can help to create a positive outlook towards the brand associated with the game. Giving users an outlet to feel accomplishment and earn rewards reflects well on any and all related parties.

Even consumers feeling in control when they play a game bodes well for brands. Having the choice to be a participant in an activity as opposed to a video which can leave consumers feeling somewhat held against their will, can go a long way in users having positive association towards a brand.

Key Take Aways

  1. Its Fun, positive association, huge market opportunities, one of the fastest growing industry and drive you awareness with direct call to action within the campaign. sounds good to me to spend some marketing budget in gaming.

  2. For brands who want to start marketing in the gaming industry, another great news, the massive numbers of Gen Z ers and Millennials online offer companies partnerships with people who actually have disposable income.

So.... lets start to allocate some of your budget to try marketing in gaming. Happy Learning!


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